Deron Cohen, a San Diego native, has shown his paintings extensively throughout San Diego. Most recently, he has been in shows at Project X Gallery, The Museum of the Living Artist, The San Diego Art Department, Sanctuary Gallery, Limbo Fine Arts, and Sushi Gallery. Deron has just started to show in other cities, most recently at the Rialto Theater in Corpus Christi, Texas and The Nico Gallery in Seattle, Washington. You can see his work online at

Deron helped found Paint Night Group (, a group of artists originating in San   Diego that have been collaborating together for the past 15 years. They have shown as a group all over San Diego and in 2006 had a show at Gallery 4 in Amsterdam. Paint Night Group recently showed at the 2009 Beyond the Borders International Contemporary Art Fair in San Diego.

Along with his painting career, Deron has created magazine illustrations, done graphic design work, and taught others how to express themselves creatively through art. He has been creating curricula for children’s art programs and teaching them. Deron also has been teaching adults how to paint at the San Diego Art Department for the past 10 years and, in the past year, with Painting & Vino. Mostly recently, Deron has been teaching one-on-one webcam classes online through Google Helpouts. Deron received a Bachelor in Fine Art from UCLA in 1994.


I paint stories that I make up as I go along. Love, War, Peace, Spirit, Nature, Birth, Life, Death, the Mind and the Universe grapple with each other in a vivid explosion of color. Imagination runs wild and is made real in these images. Imagination is an infinite vessel filled with all our knowledge and everything else that will ever be. The images I create are designed to find a crack in your consciousness so they can seep into your mind and spark your imagination.